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· Prof. Eger on the Role of Open Access in the Future of Academic Publishing 2014-11-04 
· Roundtable with Prof. Dr. Ignacio Tirado: The Tragic Insolvency of European Nations. Ha... 2014-11-03 
· Academic Lecture by Professor Charles D. Booth in CESL 2014-11-03 
· The Round-table Lecture: Mediation in Continental Europe - Challenges and Prospects 2014-11-03 
· CESL Invites to the Lecture on the Rules of EU Law on Accession and Withdrawal of State... 2014-10-23 
· China-Europe Academic Conference 2014-10-23 
· CESL is inviting to participate in the Round-table Meeting with the Discussion Led by M... 2014-09-23 
· CESL's Participation in the New European Research on Contemporary China Conference: Leg... 2014-07-15 
· Lecture on “Foreign Investment - Why in Spain?” 2014-07-01 
· Legal Professionals on the Diplomatic Stage- Session XI of the Lecture Series of "Inter... 2014-06-18 
· The European Intellectual Property System: State of Play and Perspectives 2014-04-30 
· Upcoming Guest Lecture: The European Intellectual Property System 2014-04-15 
· How to Become an Effective Legal Counsel in a Multinational Corporation——5th Session ... 2014-04-02 
· Upcoming Guest Lecture: How to become an effective legal counsel in a multinational cor... 2014-03-27 
· CESL Lecture Series: Introduction to the Law of Distribution Contracts 2014-03-15 
· Upcoming Guest Lecture: The International Criminal Court and the Participation of Chine... 2014-03-07 
· Upcoming guest lecture: Introduction to the law of distribution contracts 2014-03-04 
· Upcoming guest lecture: WHY IS EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW UNFATHOMABLE - THE CASE OF THE DRA... 2013-12-24 
· EU-China Law Lecture Series of CESL: Why is European Private Law Unfathomable – The Ca... 2013-12-08 
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