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· CESL’s participation in the SIAC’s arbitration conference and workshop 2015-11-26 
· CESL Organized Workshop on LexisNexis and Westlaw 2015-09-22 
· Lawyer XING Yusheng: Fields of Legal Occupation & Lawyer Careers 2015-01-20 
· The Lecture Series of "International Legal Professionals"Session 8 2014-12-15 
· Dean of Law School of Leiden University Paid a visit to CESL 2014-12-10 
· Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers" Season Nine 2014-10-17 
· EU Delegation Representatives Visited CUPL 2014-03-11 
· Delegation of German Federal Ministry of Justice Visits CUPL 2014-03-11 
· "Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers” Season Seven on Career Development of Law Gradua... 2013-12-24 
· "Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers” Season Five on Different Applications of Chinese... 2013-11-24 
· European Commission President Barroso Visited China University of Political Science and... 2013-11-23 
· CESL Forum for Legal Professionals 2013 2013-10-24 
· 1st session of the lecture series of "International Legal Professions" 2013-09-27 
· "Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers” Season Two – Internship and Job Hunting 2013-05-25 
· "Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers” Season One on Legal Career Choices 2013-04-01 
· Renmin University Holds Forum for Deans from Chinese and European Law Schools 2012-09-26 
· Wolfgang Daubler Talks about Labour Law and Labour Relations 2012-09-04 
· Fang Liufang: The Principle of Educational Sovereignty in the Regulations on Chinese-Fo... 2012-03-22 
· Remembering the Battle of Nankou and Yang Guoqing 2012-02-29 
· Remembering History: Yang Guoqing on the Battle of Nankou 2012-02-29 
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