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· Fourth CESL JMC 2012-02-20 
· Two Approaches to Professorships 2012-01-20 
· A Platform for International Legal Exchanges: Looking Back at CESL’s First Three Years 2011-12-20 
· Seventh CESL General Assembly Held 2011-10-25 
· CESL JMC Convened 2011-10-25 
· Fang Liufang: Internationalising Legal Education: China's Experience 2011-09-29 
· How to Define the Total Credits for an LL.M. Properly? 2011-09-03 
· Co-dean Colneric at Yunnan University and Yunnan Normal University 2011-06-21 
· Exchanging Ideas on School Administration 2010-12-22 
· Visit from the National School of Administration 2010-12-21 
· Workshop on "China's Judicial Landscapes, New Empirical Studies" 2010-11-13 
· Members of the Science and Technology Fellowship Programme Visit CESL 2010-08-05 
· The Introduction of Foreign Laws versus Autonomy in the Production of Legal Knowledge 2010-04-19 
· Prof. Su Yongqin and his Course on the Principles of Civil Law 2010-02-10 
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