Chinese Law Taught in English

Chinese Law Taught in English (CLTE) is our one semester abroad programme for international visiting students. CLTE will expose international students to the historical background, transitional nature and developmental trajectory of Chinese law. Courses aim to provide students with concrete knowledge of Chinese law as well as with a comparative approach to legal studies.

CLTE will offer courses on: Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Law, Chinese Law and Society, Chinese Anti-Monoply Law, Chinese Business Law, Chinese Criminal Justice and Nonprofit Organizations.

Please seeCurriculumfor more details.

Twenty-one students from eight countries took part in the first CLTE programme. Students visited alaw firm, aprison, attended both aciviland acriminal trial, and Baidu as part of the course.

Programme in Brief

  • One semester

  • Total credits: 13 (students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits)

  • Each credit 18 class hours

  • Support for transfer of credits

  • Scholarships available

  • Minimum number of students: 10; maximum: 50

  • CLTE certificate and transcript awarded by CESL

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