A series of courses will be offered to provide students with concrete knowledge and substantial background information on how the law has evolved in China.

Contemporary Chinese Law,Wang Hengtao

This course aims to introduce the system of contemporary Chinese law with a focus on legal and institutional development within a historical, political, economic and cultural context in order to provide students with valuable knowledge about the actual functioning of Chinese legal institutions and contemporary Chinese 'law in action'. Students will learn how to identify and critically analyse the processes of creating, applying and enforcing Chinese law. Students will also apply statutory provisions and judicial interpretations to factual situations at an advanced level based on a discussion of relevant legal arguments.

Chinese Business Law,Meng Chuncai

This course aims to give students a brief introduction to Chinese business law and a flavour of Chinese business law practice. It will provide students with an opportunity to learn about the legal aspects of the Chinese business environment in the real world, as well as Chinese legislation in areas relevant to doing business in China.

Chinese Anti-monopoly Law,Hao Qian

This course aims to provide a practical understanding of the evolving competition law in China, with a focus on the fast growing issues and practices/solutions in the implementation of the Anti-monopoly Law (AML) since its enactment in 2007. The course is conducted in a lecture style to guide students through the exploration of various issues.

Chinese Criminal Justice,Yue Liling

The goal of this course is to present a general picture of the Chinese criminal justice system. In addition to considering the organization and functioning of the criminal justice system, the course will discuss the role that criminal justice plays in Chinese society and how Chinese criminal justice reflects fundamental Chinese norms and values.

Chinese Law and Society,Zhu Weiyi

Law and society interact with each other, often in a difficult way. The relationship between the two is compounded in modern China, which is struggling to come to terms with laws that are largely introduced from the West.

This course is designed to expound on the reasons behind policies, interest groups and cultural values that determine the application of laws. Through lectures and discussions, real cases will be studied to dissect business regulations (regulatory state) and court proceedings involving fundamental individual rights.

Nonprofit Organizations,Qi Hong

This course is designed to engage students in the theory of nonprofit organizations, legal framework and practice of nonprofit organizations in China. It examines common issues that challenge nonprofit organizations in China from legal perspectives. In this course, we will also discuss formal and non-formal approaches taken by nonprofit organizations including international nonprofit organizagions to operate in China.

Adminiistrative Law,Zhang Qing

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