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The CESL Double Master aims to educate and train a generation of legal professionals who have a thorough understanding of Chinese, European and international law, who are confident working in both Chinese and English and who can take a leading role in future exchanges between China and EuropeThe CESL Double Master combines the JM/ LLM of Chinese Law and the LLM of European and International Law, and aims to a generation of legal professionals.

Year one
During the first year students take courses from the Master of Chinese Law.

Year two
Students begin their studies in European and international law.

Year three
Students spend year three completing an internship and writing a thesis. Each student will be assigned a personal tutor for their thesis. The thesis should be submitted in April, the viva voce examinations will take place in June.

Programme in Brief
· Students undertake one internship, 26 courses and write two theses.
· Students achieve fluency in both Chinese and English.
· Scholarships are available for outstanding students.
Programme Benefits
· The programme is taught by eminent academics and practitioners from around the world.
· Students receive both a JM and an LLM from CUPL and an LLM from the University of Hamburg.
· Courses are taught in a variety of formats, including seminars, lectures and small group classes.
· Language of instruction: English and Chinese.
· Six semesters, starting in September.
· Internationally recognised degree.

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