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The CESL Double Masters programme is predominantly aimed at mainland Chinese students. In order to apply you must have obtained or be expected to obtain a law degree (Bachelor of Law, State Examination or equivalent) prior to enrollment at CESL. Upon graduation you will receive both a JM and an LLM from CUPL and an LLM from the University of Hamburg.

1.Please check the CUPL website ( September for the latest information on admissions.

2.Applications open online in October.

3.Candidates should present themselves for onsite verification in November.

4.Please continue to check for updates on the CUPL Graduate School website.

5.The national graduate school examination will take place in January.

6.Please check the CUPL and CESL websites for details of the CESL entrance examination in April.

7.Admissions will be based on both the national entrance examination and the CESL entrance examination.

Please note that the above dates may be subject to change and you should refer the CUPL website for the latest information.

CESL Entrance Examination

The CESL Entrance Examination will test your English ability as well as your ability to analyze legal problems and there will be both a written and oral exam.

1.English listening: one hour

2.Legal analysis (to be written in English): two and a half hours.

During the interview you will be asked to analyze one question related to the law. The objective is to test your ability to identify the legal point of contention, use legal principals to interpret the problem, sum up the legal principals involved, as well as demonstrate your ability to construct an argument through enquiry and debate.


Admission to the China-EU School of Law will be equally weighted on the national entrance examinations and the CESL entrance examination. Marks for the CESL examination will be as follows: 10% English listening, 25% legal analysis, 15% interview.

Please note that the CESL entrance examination may change from year to year and CESL reserves the right to make any changes to both the form and content of the entrance examination.

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