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The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao once said that the objective of the CESL Double Masters was to develop "Legal professionals familiar with the laws of both China and the West". In order to achieve this goal, CESL offers courses on Chinese and European lawwhich are bothextensive and systematic. Professors and scholars come fromCESL's17 partner institutions including CUPL, TsinghuaUniversity,University ofHamburg andUniversity ofManchestercreatinga diverse faculty, open thinking and an international outlook.

The CESL Master of Chinese Law is designed to provide an overview of China's legal system within the context of post-1978 market reform. The focus is on the evolution, transition and future prospects for the development of contemporary Chinese law. Modules include contemporary Chinese law, civil law, commercial law, corporate law and international law. Domestic and international scholars are also invited to give lectures and seminars and exchange opinions with students.

The LLM in European and International Law, as opposed to focusing on the law of one individual nation, is designed to expose students to broad areas of the law, exploring the trend of legal unification and the balance between maintaining existing legal traditions at the same time promoting integration. The course includes nine compulsory modules and seven electives. Each module is made up of a number of related classes and lectures. Compulsory modules include: European legal traditions, legal English, international public law, rule of law and human rights, law and politics of the EU, Advanced EU Law, European private law, government and market regulation as well as WTO law.

Electives include judicial procedures and dispute resolution, public administration, international trade, company lawandChinese public and private law. Each module includes seminars and small group classes to promote in depth discussion between students and professors. Professors come from our thirteen European partner institutions andall classes are taught in Englishwhich allows students to combine a legal education with improving theirlanguage skills.

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