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The professional training programme will cover the following four types of courses:

Fields of Law (European Law, International Law und Comparative Law),

Practical skills,

New legal developments (current legislation in China and Europe, current legal developments in international law),

Chinese legal culture and law

Fields of Law

European Law

European constitutional law,European convention on human rights,External relations of the EU, The EU as legal subject in public international law, European Citizenship, The fundamentals freedoms under the EC-Treaty, Economic and Monetary Union, European Trade Law ,European Environmental Law, European Private Law, European Consumer Protection Law, European Capital Markets Regulations, European Competition Law, Restrictions on State Aid and European Anti-Trust Law.

Rule of Law

Comparative constitutionalism, Judicial review, Administrative power and its supervision, Administrative review, Administrative litigation, Legislative power, Legislative process, Legal interaction between the central and local governments, Electoral law, Judicial independence, Enforcement of judgements and Methods of interpretation.

Criminal Law

Human Rights and Criminal Law, Comparative criminal procedure, Cross-border crimes, Terrorism, White collar crimes, Money laundering, Extradition of suspects, Cross-border co-operation in crime prevention, Rules of criminal evidence, The role of the judge in criminal procedure, Sentencing and Enforcement of criminal punishments.

Commercial and Business Law

European Company Law and Company Law of the Member States of the European Union, Business Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe (M&A), Capital Markets and Securities Regulations in Europe, Corporate Finance, Acquisition, Project and Trade Finance, Joint Ventures in China, Law of Intellectual Property, Products Liability, Environmental Liability, European Contract Law, European Commercial Law, Distribution Law, European Competition Law, Anti-Trust Law, Law of Transportation, e-commerce, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Public Procurement, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution and Labour Law.

International Law

Private international law (choice of law), Public international law, International human rights, International criminal law, International trade law, International sale of goods, International finance, International civil procedure, International dispute resolution and arbitration and WTO dispute settlement.

Comparative Law

Introduction to legal systems in Europe (private law, public law, criminal law), Comparative private law,Comparative commercial law, Comparative public law, Comparative criminal law and Transnational law.

Practical Legal Skills and Techniques

Legal reasoning, Drafting of Judgements, Computer skills, Introduction of electronic file and data management, Case and file management, Courtroom techniques, Supervising courtroom security, Listening skills, Victim and witness psychology, Listening to and questioning minors, Securing evidence, Collection and verification of evidence in court procedure and Co-ordinating administrative staff.

New Legal Developments

In the first six months after its establishment CESL will offer a variety of fee-paying seminars on the following vital legal issues: Chinese overseas investments in Europe and Current developments in European competition law.

Additional seminars will be designed in relation to the then current legal developments in China and Europe.

Courses on Chinese legislation and legal practice for Europeans

Areas of special interest to European and international professionals doing business in China or intending to broaden their knowledge on the Chinese legal system and on Chinese law include:

Chinese law and society, Chinese legal tradition and culture, Chinese legislation and legal system, Chinese company law, Chinese labour law, Chinese civil law (contact, property and tort), Chinese banking and financial law, Chinese judicial system, Chinese arbitration, Chinese administrative law and Foreign investment law.

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