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CESL aims to promote, facilitate and conduct research within the remit of the School: Chinese law, European law, international law, human rights, international trade and comparative law, specifically with an eye to China EU exchanges and aspects. Research is one of the three main tasks of CESL, next to Education and Professional Training. CESL has funded research by publishing calls for grants. An overview of the funded research and of the CESL sponsored publications is available on thissite. Common characteristic is that research is done in joint China EU research groups, For further details about the funding process we refer to theGuide To Applying For Research GrantsandResearch Grant Application Form. Be reminded that research grants are only available after a call has been published on this site. The most recent call is available at

Apart from funding research CESL faculty also conducts its own research, and we do organise lectures, conferences, seminars and other meetings within the remit of CESL. Please consult our academic events calendar forupcoming events. Furthermore CESL intends to be a platform for China EU research and meetings, and for CESL blogs, papers and other relevant output, through this website and otherwise.

CESL PhD programme

Furthermore CESL has established a Ph.D. programme for the benefit of Chinese and European Ph.D. candidates, which you may find underProgrammes.

China EU Law Journal

A specialized journal was founded to create a platform for the discussion of legal questions relevant to CESL's aims and to provide information about new legal developments in China: the China EU Law Journal. In particular, the journal focuses on new legislation and case law and developments in China-EU relations. Please clickherefor further information.

China EU Law Series

CESL has also established a China EU Law Series for books. Please clickherefor further information.

CESL Conferences

With regular intervals an international conference for academics and practitioners on current legal questions pertaining to EU-China relations will be organized in Beijing. In addition to the conference, workshops or seminars more restricted in scope may be organized according to varying research needs, eventually in combination with the professional training and/or the Ph.D. programmes. Please consult our academic calendar and this website for further information onupcoming eventsand clickherefor information about past events.

CESL consultancy

Finally CESL intends to be active and available for consulting services to local and international markets, including Chinese government departments, law firms, international organizations and other actors. CESL has through its organisation access to multiple top Chinese and European research and researchers, scholars, professionals and other experts to meet all requests in the domain of China EU and international law.

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