Employment Statistics


CESL collects data about the successes of its graduates when entering the labor markets. Extensive data are published in CESL’s website and annual reports. Below we have made a summary, which shows the successes of the CESL alumni. In general it can be said that most graduates find employment in the legal sector as lawyers, judges, prosecutors and furthermore as legal counsel. Most of the alumni work in Beijing with 1/4 finding employment in another big city.

Graduation 2013 (2010 Intake): 96.1% (out of which 66.2% in Beijing)
Graduation 2012 (2009 Intake): 93.3% (out of which 71.1% in Beijing)
Graduation 2011 (2008 Intake): 94.% (out of which 75% in Beijing)
Graduation 2010 (2008 Intake): 96.3% (out of which 78% in Beijing)

Figures of CESL Double Master Graduates from 2010 to 2013

CESL Double Master Graduates Entering Legal Profession from 2010 to 2013

Graduate Employment Statistics from 2010 to 2013