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2014/2015 CESL Vis Team:

The members of CESL Vis Team for 2014/2015 are:

-2014 MEIL student Gilbert Dadzie

-2014 MEIL student Ana Trigo

-2012 double master student Lin Xi

-2013 double master student Tan Qiujie

-2013 double master student Zhang Junmin

-2013 double master student Zhu Yanan

Coaches:Professor Susan Gale Wintermuth

Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska

2012 double master students Zhao Chunlei

Team manager:2013 double master student Peng Xiao

The CESL Vis Team members’ memories:

Zhu Yanan

I am so grateful that CESL gave me such a chance to participate in the Vis moot competition. Before all of this, it was very hard for me to imagine that I can shake hands with, talk to and compete with students from all over the world. But now I did it, with the help of my dear couches, team members and all the volunteers. This will definitely be my very precious life wealth.

Ana TrigoThis was indeed a key experience, in my year as an international master student at CESL. Participating in the Vis East Moot was a challenging but ultimately a rewarding experience. Not only personally, but mostly as a team, we worked hard to reach the Hong Kong hearings with confidence and willingness to do our best.It must be highlighted that during these 7 months, team commitment and unity were essential. At the end of the day, it is what gets a team through the hardships of researching, drafting and structuring arguments.As an arbitrator once told me, the argument made in an oral pleading is a journey to be made, and not only a destination you should hurriedly attempt to arrive at. I hope you the next CESL moot team fully embraces the journey to come and enjoys the ride.

Gilbert Dadzie

Participating in the moot was more than a 6 month experience. It was a life changing event! An inter-cultural human experience, a formative and mentoring school, as well as a combination of fun and hard work! I have certainly learnt more during the moot than during all my bachelor years combined! A must for every law student's development!

Tan Qiujie

Six months for preparation seems to be a long period but actually it was short. To participate in Vis Moot, team members need to submit two official Memorandums, as well as take many pre-moots to improve the ability of oral argumentation. The key point of drafting a Memorandum is to demonstrate your arguments with strong reasoning and authorities, following the classical structure -- IRAC. When it comes to oral statements, the ability to solve problem is more essential. Giving a statement before arbitrators is not the same as giving a passionate speech. We should have the altitude of helping arbitrators solve the problems, facing weakness, transforming inferiority, as well as clearly addressing arguments.

One of the challenges in participating Vis is to collect useful information from Moot Problem which has more than 60 pages, and to analyze on behalf of Claimant or Respondent. Interpreting law provisions is necessary. But understanding the spirit of those provisions is even more important sometimes. Besides, we have to get rid of stiffness of applying law into fact, to understand the commercial sense under clients’ behaviors. It is a huge challenge for law school students. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to consult lawyers, in-house counsels and even bank staff.

Lastly, it is an honor for me to join the CESL Vis Moot team. CESL team is a young and hopeful team. Wish the Vis Moot spirit continues in CESL!

Lin XiThe Moot experience is like a diamond with facets reflecting many types of beauty. I lived through “no pain, no gain”, and “where there is a will there is a way”. People do not consider whether or not they are willing to sacrifice the pain when they want the gain. I saw the grace of the swan and iceberg that behind the calmness and simplicity on the surface, there are a pairs of feet paddling mad and ten times the effort underneath. And the way to gain will reveal itself only when the will to sacrifice is strong enough. The champion cup is that we – the mooties, coaches, manager, volunteers, alumni mooties, and opponent counsels – have come this far, together. Veni, vidi, vicimus.

Zhang JunminParticipating in the Vis is a magical journey, during which I gained capacity of working under pressure and I made new friends from all over the world. The most important thing is that what I once imagined became reality. Many thanks for everyone who helped us. They made us to discover more potential in the Vis and made us really proud of CESL.


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2013/2014 CESL Vis Team:


HAN Weizhe (LLM/2013)

JIANG Xuan (LLM/2013)

LI Kaixu (LLM/2013)

ZHANG Chenxu (LLM/2013)

ZHAO Chunlei (LLM/2013)

ZHANG Liming (LLM/2013)

Team Manager:

LI Jinglun (Master/2012)


Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth

Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska

Christian Steger (Chairman of Hamburg Vis Moot Alumni Association)

The CESL Vis Team members’ memories:


I am so happy, so lucky and so proud to be a member of the CESL Vis Team in 2013-2014. Here, I found my beloved area, amazing friendship and my new life stage. I will never forget the sweats, tears and night work I did for Vis, and I will never forget the laughter, happiness and the proud I shared with my team members, just as I will remember the announcements of the name of "China-EU School of Law" after every knock-out round forever. I believe Vis is just the starting point and I will continue working in this area. Zhao Chunlei

During the lengthy 6 months of preparation and competition in the Vis moot, the thing I finally realized and then helped me to win the game is that the key of arbitration is serving the arbitral tribunal. Different from lecturing or giving speech, being a qualified moot oralist requires people to know how to communicate and give appropriate response to the questions raised by the arbitrators. Besides, in my opinion, the advocacy skills are also of great importance. Apart from the intellectual work that every team focuses on, arbitration is more about acting and presenting. Li Kaixu

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Closing ceremony of the Vis East in Hong Kong - awards and happiness of the CESL Vis Team