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The ongoing affairs of CESL shall be administered by two Co-Deans (one of Chinese nationality, one of a nationality other than the Chinese nationality). The Co-Dean of Chinese nationality is to be nominated by CUPL, the other Co-Dean shall be nominated by UHH in close co-operation with the European Partners to the Consortium Agreement. The Co-Dean nominated by CUPL shall act as Executive Principal of CESL. The Co-Dean nominated by the European partners is in charge of the finances of CESL.

Unless otherwise specified by Consortium Agreement, the Co-Deans are in charge of the following matters and take responsibilities jointly to the JMC for:

-- executing the decisions of the JMC;

-- implementing the development plan;

-- drafting work plans, financial budgets, rules and by-laws;

-- employing and dismissing the staff and administering compensation and discipline;

-- organising teaching and scientific research activities and teaching quality;

-- taking charge of daily administrative work, and;

-- any additional power given to the Co-Deans by the Articles of Association or the JMC.

From January 28 to 30, 2008, the 1st CESL General Assembly Meeting was held in Hamburg, Germany. In this meeting, the nomination for JMC members was recognized and the JMC approved the proposal to have Prof. Fang Liufang nominated by CUPL and Prof. Ninon Colneric nominated by UHH as the Co-Deans of CESL.

At the end of August 2011, Prof. Colneric retired from her office as co-dean. She was succeeded by Prof. Thomas Bruha with effect from September 1, 2011. The Joint Managerial Committee has appointed Prof Liu Fei as Chinese co-dean and Prof Aalt Willem Heringa as European co-dean as from the beginning of 2013. They succeed Professors Fang Liu Fang and Thomas Bruha. Prof. Armin Hatje has been appointed as the European Co-dean and Dr. Clemens Richter has been appointed as the European Executive Co-Dean with effect from February 2014.

Chinese Co-Dean of CESL European Co-Dean of CESL

27 Fuxue Road, Rothenbaumchaussee 33

Changping District 20146 Hamburg (Germany)

Tel.: +86-10-59915792 Tel.: +49 (0) 40 – 42838 4081

Fax: +86-10-59915792 Fax:+49 (0) 40 – 42838 4367

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Dr. Clemens Richter

European Executive Co-Dean of CESL

27 Fuxue Road,

Changping District

Tel.: +86-10-59915782

Fax: +86-10-59915792

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