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The supreme body of governance of CESL shall be the Joint Managerial Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "JMC") which will be composed of 10 members.

The JMC shall have decision-making powers with regard to:

  1. Formulating educational guidelines;

  2. Approving or dismissing the Co-Deans;

  3. Approving and modifying the Articles of Association;

  4. Formulating development plans and approving annual work plans;

  5. Examining and approving the annual budget (including the annual budget submitted by UHH to the European Commission) and the overall budget; overseeing the implementation of the annual and overall budgets;

  6. Monitoring and approving the final accounts;

  7. Raising operational funds;

  8. Determining staff arrangements, quotas and wage scales;

  9. Dividing, merging or terminating CESL, and;

  10. Any other issue conferred to it by the Articles of Association.

    The decisions of the JMC shall require a majority of more than fifty per cent of the votes; decisions with regard to issues (2), (3), (4), (6) and (9) shall require a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of the JMC.

    From January 28 to 30 2008, the first CESL General Assembly Meeting was held in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting recognized the nominations by the partners for the first session of members of the JMC in consensus.

    From October 12 to 13, 2009, the third CESL General Assembly Meeting was held in the Wenhua Room of Beijing Novotel Peace Hotel. Following a proposal by CUPL, the meeting decided to add Professor Huang Jin, president of CUPL, as a member to the Joint Managerial Committee of CESL.

    Ninon Colneric retired as European co-dean on August 31, 2011. Thomas Bruha took over as European co-dean and member of the Joint Managerial Committee on September 1, 2011.

    On January 7, 2013, the Joint Managerial Committee appointed Prof. Liu Fei as Chinese co-dean and Prof. Aalt Willem Heringa as European co-dean from the beginning of 2013. They succeed Prof. Fang Liu Fang and Prof. Thomas Bruha. Now, The members of the JMC as announced are:

    1. Mr. ZHANG Fusen (Member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Director of the Committee for Social and Legal Affairs of CPPCC, former Minister of the Ministry of Justice), Co-Chair of the JMC with Chinese nationality;

    2. Prof. HUANG Jin (President and Professor of China University of Political Science and Law);

    3. Prof. XU Xianming (President and Professor of Shandong University);

    4. Prof. LIU Fei (Chinese Co-Dean of CESL and Professor of CUPL);

    5. Prof. WANG Chenguang (Professor of Tsinghua University), Chinese partner with CUPL;

    6. Prof. Hinrich Julius(Professor of University of Hamburg), European Co-Chair of the JMC;

    7. Prof. Aalt Willem Heringa (Professor of Masstricht University);

    8. Prof. Lucia Serena Rossi (Professor of University of Bologna );

    9. Prof. Stefan Messmann (Professor of Central European University);

    10. Prof. Vincent Sagaert (Professor of Catholic University of Leuven).

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