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The cooperation and participation from 17 partner universities and colleges of high reputation (readingStatements from Partners) will give the school unparalleled advantages in international exchange of students and faculty. CESL plans to annually invite more than 20 foreign professors of law to teach in the school, while Juris Masters in CUPL will have opportunities to study in Europe by participating in the summer programme. With the supports of partners and associates, CESL will provide top-quality, cutting-edge, executive-type seminars of vital and topical legal interest led by internationally-known presenters as well as professional career-development training programmes, on topics relating to European, International and Comparative law, for practicing Chinese lawyers, judges and prosecutors. CESL is engaged in research and consultancy activities, including joint training for Ph.D. students in the following manners: (1) inviting foreign professors to act as supervising professors for Ph.D. candidates of CUPL; (2) sending Ph.D. candidates of CESL to foreign law schools to be supervised by foreign professors; (3) receiving Ph.D. candidates from foreign law schools to visit or study at CESL; (4) enrolling international students for the Ph.D. in law at CESL.

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