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Mr. LIU Fei got his Master’s degrees of laws at CUPL and became a teacher of the former Law Department of CUPL in 1996. In 1999, he got a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Center/DAAD and went to Germany to continue his studying. He got his Doctor’s degree of laws at the University of Cologne in 2003 with a magna cum laude. Thereafter, he continued to work as a teacher at the Law School of CUPL, lecturing on administrative law, administrative procedure law, comparative administrative law and state compensation law.

From 1998 to 2004, he was a Lecturer in the former Law Department of CUPL. Since 2004 he acted as Associate Professor, Professor in Law Scool of the University. In 2011 he was recognized as Tutor for doctoral student. In addition to teaching, he was also Associate Dean for International Relations & Academic Affairs of Law School since 2009.

In 2003 he wrote the book
The Control of Judicial Power over Administrative Power Serves as the Motive Force of the Development of China’s Administrative Law - A Comparative Study of Sino-German Administrative Laws in German, which was published by the Haensel-Hohenhausen Publishing House in Germany. Then in 2009 he published another book The Remedy System in German Public Law
by the Publishing House of Peking University.

In 2002 he translated the book The Administrative Law of Germany (written by Otto Mayer) into Chinese, which was published by the Commercial Press. Another book The German Federal Constitutional Court – Statute, Procedure and Deciding
(written by Schlaich/Korioth) was also translated into Chinese by him and published by the Law Press in 2007.

Since 1995 he had published articles such as: The Establishment of an Independent Administrative Law Court can be the first Step into Judicial Independence (2002); A Probe into the Types of Litigation in Administrative Procedure System - From a Perspective of the German Law (2004); On the Challenge to China’s Administrative Legal System by Privatization (2009); Principle of Reliance Protection: Its possible Meaning in Administrative Law (2010); Rule-integrated model and Result Orientation for Interpretation of Constitution - a Study of the Methods of Constitutional Interpretation based upon the German Federal Constitution Court

He was named "Pioneer of Teaching Innovative Person in Capital City" in 2009 and got his "Special Award for Outstanding Teaching at China University of Political Science and Law" in 2010. In 2011, he was supported by "New Century Excellent Talents Programme" of Ministry of Education.

He can use German and English as his working languages.