Liu Jingwei
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Liu Jingwei

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor CUPL

Work Experience
Dean, Xiamen University Law School
Director, Xiamen University Law Department

LL.M. Xiamen University
1985: LL.B. Civil Law, Xiamen University

Director of the CUPL Scientific Research Department
Member of the CUPL Academic Committee.
Managing Director, Chinese Society for Commercial Law
Director, Chinese Society for Civil Law
Part-time Professor, South China Normal University,
Part-time Professor, Macao University of Science and Technology

Research Interests
Civil and Commercial Law

Representative Publications

Dangdai Zhongguo Minshi Lifa Wenti (Contemporary Problems in Civil Law Legislation, 当代中国民事立法问题) (Xiamen Daxue Chubanshe, Xiamen, 2005)

Shangshi Gongsi Guanlian Jiaoyi Falv Wenti Yanjiu (Legal Questions on Related Party Transactions in Listed Companies, 上市公司关联交易法律问题研究)(Xiamen Daxue Chubanshe, Xiamen, 2001)

Liu Jingwei (ed.), Minfa Zonglun (Theory of Civil Law, 民法总论)
Liu Jingwei (ed.), Shangfa (Commercial Law, 商法)