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LPI established the Legal Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Legal Research Collection to promote in-depth inquiry into legal philosophy and broaden research into interdisciplinary legal studies.

The Collection will publish high-quality, high-value monographs and translations to improve the level of research into Chinese legal philosophy and contribute more theoretical resources.

The Collection was initiated in 2011. It is edited by the LPI and published by Renmin University Press. One to two books are published annually.

Translations of books on legal philosophy and interdisciplinary legal research into Chinese and monographs in Chinese are always welcome.

Editorial Committee


Zheng Yongliu     China University of Political Science and Law

Editorial Board

Fan Libo                    China University of Political Science and Law
Chen Jinghui             China University of Political Science and Law
Liu Yeshen                Beijing University of Technology
Peng-Hsiang Wang  Taiwan Academia Sinica
Chueh-an YEN         Taiwan University
Shih-Tung Chuang   Taiwan University
Chen Rui                  SouthWest University of Politics and Law
Zhu Zhen                   Jilin University

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