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The Jimen Jurisprudence Workshop is an academic association of the China University of Political Science and Law. It aims to promote academic exchange and reflect the latest developments in Anglo-American legal philosophy. The Workshop was incorporated into the Institute for Legal Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Legal Research in December 2011.

Legal Theory in China

Legal Theory in China is a new electronic journal edited by the Jimen Jurisprudence Workshop. This journal concentrates on the latest research in Anglo-American legal philosophy, and aims to build platform for communication between Chinese researchers and students in this field.

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The journal was established by undergraduates and graduates who are interested in legal philosophy and is supported by three professors – Fan Libo, Chen Jinghui and Liu Yeshen – who serve as the journal’s academic advisors.

The journal is composed of six parts: Interviews, Symposium, Reviews, Translations, Prefaces and Postscripts of Books, and information on the Latest Academic Developments.


Volume I May 16, 2011.

Volume II December 29, 2011.

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