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CESL Orientation for 2014 Intake
Last Modified:  2014-09-15 09:12:21
On the afternoon of September 9th, CESL orientation for the 2014 intake had been held at Mingfa Building room 305 at CUPL Changing campus. Prof. Liu Fei, Chinese Co-dean of CESL, attended the orientation. After the warm welcome to all the new CESLers, Prof. Liu urged students to comprehensively absorb legal knowledge and to pay attention to improve English skills in order to lay solid foundation for European law study at second year. Prof. Liu also mentioned that CESL was an important communication platform between China and the EU as well as a bridge of friendship. Studying together at CESL, Chinese and international students should further communication and understanding, and build up deep friendship by helping each other.

Following Prof. Liu's speech, Ms. Zeng Binbin, one of the administrative faculties of CESL, introduced the guidelines for course selection and answered questions raised by the students patiently.

Another two faculty members of CESL, Ms. Guan Ying and Ms. Pan Chenwei also participated in the orientation.