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One-week Professional Training Session on "Guiding Cases in the Continental European Legal Systems"
Last Modified:  2015-03-19 13:56:08
A weeklong professional training programme co-organized by China-EU School of Law (CESL) at CUPL and the National Judges College (NJC) took place between March 9th and March 14th 2015. The training, focussing on Guiding Cases in the Continental European Legal Systems, was composed of several sessions in the field of legal practice of judges, including "The role of court decisions in the Chinese Guiding Case System and the continental European legal tradition", "Binding, non-binding and quasi-binding effects of court decisions in different European countries", "How to write a judgment", "Consequences of guiding cases" and "Citation of guiding cases". CESL invited Prof. Nicolas Nord, Vice-Dean and faculty member of University of Strasbourg, France and Dr. Fabio Licata, who works as Judge of the Court of Palermo in Italy delivering courses to 119 judges and leaders of legal affairs offices from all over the country. This training offered a platform for furthering the communication between Chinese and European legal professionals.