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Professional Training on "Legal Government Construction for Departmental and above Leaderships of Jining City"
Last Modified:  2015-06-03 08:56:21
On the morning of April 18th 2015, the training session on “Legal Government Construction for Departmental and above Leaderships of Jining City”, co-organized by CESL at CUPL, Organization Department and Legal Affairs Department of Jining Municipal Government, was held at International Exchange Center of CUPL with an attendance of Mr. Shi Zhonghe, executive vice mayor of Jining, Prof. Ma Huaide, vice president of CUPL, Prof. Wang Jingbo, vice dean of Research Center for Government by Law, Mr. He Lei, secretary general of Jining Municipal Government and Mr. Lu Yadong, Director of Jining Legal Affairs Department for the opening ceremony. Both sides also signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Collaborative Innovation of Legal Government.

Focusing on promoting the administrative abilities and skills of leaderships on deepening reform, furthering development, resolving disputes, maintaining stability through legal thinking and means, CESL invited relevant experts and professors to give lectures ranging from theoretical illustrations such as the concept of state governing by the rule of law, standardization of administrative enforcement of law, cultivation of legal thinking and the interpretation on the revised administrative litigation law, to practical contents including the revised budget law, media expression and introduction of local legal regulations. More than 60 trainees came from various departments of Jining such as water conservancy, territory, ethnic groups and religions and statistics etc.

CESL regarded this training as a significant event, in addition to inviting Prof. Ma Huaide, CESL also specially invited Dr. Zhang Yue, deputy director of administrative review department at the Office of Legislative Affairs, State Council, Prof. Wang Xixin, vice dean of the School of Law at Peking University, Prof. Yang Xiaojun, deputy director of legal studies at China National School of Administration, Prof. Shi Zhengwen, director of Center for Research in Fiscal and Tax Law of CUPL, Prof. Zhan Zhongle, deputy director of Research Center for Constitution and Administrative Law of the Law School at Peking University, Prof. Cui Yan, director of Topics in Focus at CCTV, Prof. Yu Lingyun, vice dean of Law School at Tsinghua University, Mr. Chen Xiuhai, vice director of legal affairs department of Jining Municipal Government to participate into the training sessions.

The week long training ended on 24th April, Mr. He Lei, Prof. Wang Xixin and Prof. Liu Fei, Chinese Co-dean of CESL at CUPL presented the closing session.

Trainees expressed by questionnaires that they had better understanding on administration by law through the training and the practical courses were very work-oriented and had instructive significance.