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First EU Law Competition: Students Zhang Tingting and Xie Sicheng Win
Last Modified:  2015-12-15 14:44:24
Breadth of knowledge and speed on the buzzer: Students Zhang Tingting and Xie Sicheng beat fellow students Yu Chuqiao and Li Jiwei in the thrilling final of the first “CUPL EU Law Competition” at the China-EU School of Law on 1 December 2015. “Which institution is composed of twenty-eight national ministers, one per EU member state? a) The European Commission b) The Council of the European Union c) The European Parliament or d) Court of Justice of the European Union?” Six teams of undergraduate students, each comprising two members, answered such questions on EU law. The academic quiz show was co-organised by the China-EU School of Law and the School of International Law at the China University of Political Science and Law and took place in the Academic Report Hall on the Changping Campus.  

Zhang Tingting and Xie Sicheng fought their way through three rounds before they triumphed: In the first round, six teams were challenged by quiz masters Zeng Dong and Yasid Hilmer, both master’s students at CUPL, with multiple choice and yes or no questions. In the second round, students demonstrated their abilities in a game called “Have a guess!”. Only two teams – Zhang Tingting/Xie Sicheng and Yu Chu qiao/Li Jiwei scored the most points – made it to round three: the debate. The four students fiercely debated the question “Should the EU be further enlarged?” and answered detailed questions posed to them by Dr Clemens Richter, European Executive Co-Dean at the China-EU School of Law, Prof. Riccardo Campione of the University of Bologna and Dr Francisco Costa-Cabral, Assistant Professor at the China-EU School of Law. The jury – Dr Richter, Dr Costa- Cabral and Prof. Riccardo Campione – was clearly impressed by the thorough knowledge of the young legal talents.  

Dr Clemens Richter awarded winners Zhang Tingting and Xie Sicheng a 3,000 yuan prize. Yu Chuqiao won the audience award "Most Popular Competitor" and was awarded 500 yuan by Prof. Liu Fei, Chinese Co-Dean of the China-EU School of Law. “All teams demonstrated their excellent command of English and of European Union Law,” Prof. Liu Fei said afterwards. “We hope this competition has strengthened their interest in the EU.”
Six teams puzzled over tricky legal questions.

EU Law Competition winners 2015: Zhang Tingting and Xie Sicheng

Text by Cheng Kezhou (CESL)
Photos by Cheng Kezhou (CESL) and the International School News Center