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Employment statistics 2015: What graduates do after the China-EU School of Law
Last Modified:  2015-12-21 17:11:31
100 % of the Chinese China-EU School of Law’s graduates are employed or in further study three months after graduating. Most graduates find jobs in law firms in China. About 63% of graduates are female.
Employment statistics in 2015:
In total, 113 students graduated in 2015: 73 double master students, 32 Chinese law master students,3 PhD students and 5 MEIL international graduates.

Out of the 106 Chinese graduates in 2015, 93 directly found a job. More than one third of all CESL graduates (39 graduates) signed a contract with a law firm (39 graduates, 3 of them with an international law firm), more than one fifth (23 graduates) was employed as civil servants or in public institutions, almost another fifth (18 graduates) was employed by financial or insurance institutions, and more than one tenth (13 graduates) work as in-house-counselor in companies.

13 Chinese graduates decided to further study. Ten chose universities abroad such as KU Leuven, Maastricht University, Tilburg University, and the University of Freiburg. Two graduates enrolled as PhD students at the China University of Political Science and Law and one graduate took up a postdoc at Central University of Finance and Economics.

Out of the double master students, there is one international graduate and one graduate from Taiwan. Both found jobs in law firms.

Out of the 5 MEIL international graduates, 100 % were employed or in further study three months after graduating as well.