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New book: How regulatory reforms could trigger economic growth in China
Last Modified:  2015-11-14 09:03:48
Despite impressive economic growth rates, China’s economic system is fragmented and this fragmentation of the largest market in the world inhibits growth. Building upon the European Union's experience with market integration, the second book in the China-EU Law Series unravels the role regulation can play in permitting such market integration. The 317-page book "Market Integration: The EU Experience and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China" edited by Dr Niels Philipsen, Dr Stefan Weishaar, and Prof. Xu Guangdong has now been published. Contributors from 16 universities in China and Europe critically assess European experience with market integration and apply it to a Chinese context, offering valuable lessons for both the EU and China. They examine regulatory interventions such as competition law, public procurement rules and financial regulation. At the regional and local level, they address questions related to administrative monopolies, self-regulation, legal services markets, and environmental law.

In 2013, Dr Niels Philipsen was awarded a research grant from the China-EU School of Law (CESL) to conduct research on the topic of market integration together with Prof. Xu Guandong and Dr Stefan Weishaar. Dr Niels Philipsen is Vice-Director of the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO) at Maastricht University, Prof. Xu Guangdong is connected to the Research Centre for Law and Economics (RCLE) of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), and Dr Stefan Weishaar is affiliated to the Department of Law and Economics at the University of Groningen. Both Dr Niels Philipsen and Dr Stefan Weishaar teach at the China-EU School of Law.

The China-EU Law Series is a peer-reviewed book series with a focus on Chinese law, comparative China-EU law, legal relations, international law and human rights related to China and the EU. The books are published in English under the auspices of the China-EU School of Law in Beijing in cooperation with the international publishing house Springer.