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China EU School of Law Research Center / CESL Research Center
Last Modified:  2013-08-13 16:18:24
Focus and ambition
The CESL Research Center of Chinese, European and Comparative Law has as its mission to stimulate, undertake and host comparative and collaborative research of Chinese and European Law. European law is to be understood as European law proper and as law of European states. The CESL Research Center is the research side of the educational programs. The Center fulfils this mission with a host of activities and strategies.

Mission and activities
1. to host researchers whose research is in the interface of comparative Chinese and European law
2. to stimulate collaboration between Chinese and European legal researchers
3. to initiate and conduct collaborative and comparative legal research (projects)
4. to be a centre of expertise and knowledge for Chinese legal scholars and professionals for European law and for European lawyers for Chinese law
5. to facilitate and supervise PhD research en researchers
6. to publish the China EU Law Journal, the China EU Law series and a CESL E-working paper series as well as develop a website /part of the CESL website for comparative legal short comments and papers on Chinese/European legal developments, informing professionals and students and interested outsiders about developments in the domain of Chinese-European-comparative law. We call this our valorisation efforts and call this activity: “China European Legal Comments Series”
7. to generate funding and seeking paid research contracts
8. to organise seminars, an annual conference and other research activities
9. to organise think tanks and expert seminars on topical events
10. and to conduct other research related activities.

The Center is governed by two academic co-directors. They are appointed by the co-deans of the China EU School of Law. Daily operations are conducted by an executive manager. The executive manager operates under the instructions and guidance of the academic co-directors.