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CESL Master’s Thesis Guidelines 2015
Last Modified:  2015-02-28 10:27:55
In the second semester of the 2014-2015 academic year, 75 students who study the Master of European and International Law Programme (MEIL) will begin their master's thesis, including 58 double master’s students from 2013 intake, 1 double master’s students from 2012 intake, 11 Chinese MEIL students from 2014 intake and 5 international MEIL students from 2014 intake.

The thesis must be submitted by 15th August 2015 without exemption. The deadline for submission for the 11 Chinese MEIL students has been set for 31 May 2015.

1. CESL Master’s Thesis Guidelines 2015 (Download)
2. List of Topics for CESL Master's Thesis 20154 (Download)