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Job Offer from CESL(Marketing and Communication Manager, Chinese Manager and English Editor)
Last Modified:  2009-03-30 09:36:00
We are looking for one Marketing and Communication Manager, one Chinese Manager and one English Editor. The detailed information is as follows:

1. Marketing and Communication Manager

(1) Position Description
·Managing content, design and functionality of the CESL website
·Development and implementation of marketing strategy in China
·Preparation of marketing materials applied for the different target groups of CESL
·Design of project brochures, conference books and other printed publications
·Writing and editing texts, particularly in English
·Layout and redaction of the CESL Journal in cooperation with the respective committee
·Ensuring the development of a corporate identity of all published materials

(2) Qualification Requirements
·Bachelor's degree or above
·Marketing experience in a management role
·Knowledge of content management systems and e-marketing platforms
·Excellent English language capability and sufficient Chinese language capability
·Excellent communication skills

2. Chinese Manager

(1) Position Description
Under the supervision of Chinese Co-Dean, Chinese manger is responsible for
·Managing the recruitment and teaching affairs of Master and Ph.D Programs
·Managing and coordinating the Professional Training Program (Prosecutor Training, Judge Training and Lawyer Training)
·Managing Research Program and CESL Journal
·Developing and managing public relations

(2) Qualification Requirements
·Bachelor’s degree or above
·Experience in management of educational institutes, business companies or public organs
·Excellent language capability in both Chinese and English

·Excellent coordination skills

3. English Editor

(1) Position Description
Drafting and editing English documents

(2) Qualification Requirements
With English Language capability as sufficient as that of a well educated native English speaker

4. Application Procedure

Please log in CESL website ( ), download and fill in the Job Application Form of CESL (Marketing and Communication Manager, Chinese Manager and English Editor)according to instruction, and send the completed form to with the subject composed of Applicant’s Full Name _ Position Applied for, e.g. Zhang San_ Chinese Manager.

5. Contact Information


China-EU School of Law at the CUPL

March 23, 2009