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Notice to CESL Job Applicants
Last Modified:  2009-03-30 09:36:22
1. Please do not attach digital photos to the Job Application Form of CESL;

2. No additional documents will be accepted other than the application form;

3. Please take the following documents with you for the interview:

(1) ID card or passport;
(2) Diploma;
(3) Degree Certificate;
(4) Transcript
(5) The certificates of prizes or honors and other documents that could demonstrate your talent, capability and potential as mentioned in the application form.

4. The job offer here contains only one year contract, and we will not help to handle the conversion to Bejing residence or the status of formal personals in 'shiye danwei';

5. The location of CESL is in Changping District, Beijing. It is difficult for CESL to provide housing to its employees, but there are sufficient sources of house in Changping.

China-EU School of Law at CUPL

March 23, 2009