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CUPL President's Office Decides the Scale of CESL's Personnel System
Last Modified:  2010-08-16 09:29:24
Since its establishment, CESL has been an experimental project in the reform of CUPL's personnel system, taking a lead in using the labour contract for administrative personnel, and also trialing the employment of professors in accordance with teaching requirements. After two years, CESL has acquired a certain amount of experience regarding human resources, and the long term personnel structure has become clear. With this background, CUPL believes that the time is right to normalise CESL's personnel system and positions.

The ninth meeting of CUPL's Office of the President convened on May 26, 2010, to discuss questions including CESL's personnel system and the structure of positions. The following decisions were made at the meeting:

1. Structure of the Personnel System

CESL will set up a personal system comprised of a total of ten members of staff, including five lecturers (which includes a target of attracting one outstanding teacher from outside of CUPL), and five management personnel.

2. Arrangement of Positions under the Personnel System

2.1 The five faculty members will be decided in accordance with plans put forth by CESL, and this will be implemented following approval from the CUPLHR management committee.

2.2 The five management positions (not including leadership level positions), include one position at the level of office director and one position at the level of deputy office director.

3. Employment of Members of the Personnel System

3.1 With the exception of attracting one faculty member designated as outstanding, other lecturers will be recruited from amongst CUPL faculty members and in accordance with the new employment structure as decided by CESL. Faculty members already employed under the original system, and whose contract with CESL has still not expired, will normally preclude the same type of people being employed from outside of CUPL.

3.2 The recruitment of management positions can be publicly conducted both internally and externally.

4. Termination of Contract and Retirement

4.1. If a CUPL faculty member's contract with CESL is terminated, the faculty member will return to their original institutions, or be transferred to an institution in accordance with the staff member's academic discipline; administrative staff members made redundant will be treated in the same way as staff members who are part of CUPL's personnel system.

4.2. Members of CESL staff who work until their retirement will be accorded the same treatment as members of CUPL's personnel system.

Following the finalization of the personnel system, staff members working at CESL will have the following advantages:

1. CESL can, within the scope of the personnel system and in accordance with need, structure positions for academic and administrative staff.

2. Once CESL has decided on the structure of positions (levels) of academic staff, teaching staff will have more predictability and clarity when deciding on their own long term career plans.

3. As far as administrative staff are concerned, the "Personnel System for Public Institutions"will become an incentive mechanism: it will encourage staff members to work harder during their period of employment, in order to prove their ability, and will also mean that CESL will be able to keep competent members of administrative staff under the "Personnel System for Public Institutions."

4. Regardless of whether a member of staff is a lecturer or administrative staff, during the period of employment, remuneration will be in accordance with CESL standards.

With the exception of staff members who are already integrated into CESL's personnel system, (one professor and one admin staff), the quota decided by the president's office for staff members to be integrated into CESL personnel system (four lecturers, four admin staff) will all be employed through a process of open recruitment. CESL will publicize procedures as soon as possible.

Following permission from CUPL, CESL will announce a "Plan for the Structure of Teaching Positions (Levels)," and will start the recruitment process for lecturers. CESL has the following requirements when recruiting professors:

4.1 Ability to teach three to four classes, and undertake a work load equal to eight credits each academic year.

4.2 Ability to conduct independent research is a prerequisite, (however, previous research grants are not a mandatory requirement when CESL considers a professor's ability to conduct independent research).

4.3 Capable of undertaking a certain amount of administrative duties.

From 2009, CESL announced the next term's teaching requirements in May and December. Individual applications were received both internally from CUPL as well as from outside institutions, and this system will continue.

The appointment of administrative personnel is a routine part of CESL's work. When CESL staff members apply to be integrated into the "Personnel System for Public Institutions", weight will be given to related work experience, and preference will be given staff members already employed by CESL.