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2012 Recruitment Exam for Admin Staff
Last Modified:  2012-04-26 09:34:50
On January 1, 2012, CESL advertised for a new member of the administrative staff on the CUPL human resources website and the China Education Online website.

On March 21, 155 candidates took part in a written exam, organised by the CUPL human resources department, testing administrative ability. The 148 candidates who were successful in the first examination were interviewed on March 31 and April 1, 2012.

On April 26, CESL established an examination committee comprising Co-dean Fang Liufang, Director of the CUPL Department of Human Resources Wu Ping and CESL Professor Hao Qian. Professor Hao stood in for CESL Co-dean Thomas Bruha, who was unable to attend. Based on the results of the first examination, four candidates were selected to attend a second CESL examination.

The CESL examination included:
Written Exam:
Candidates were asked to write a summary in English of an article in Chinese;
Translate an extract from an article written in English;
Edit an email written in English.
English oral with CESL Editor and Translator.
Interview with the examination committee.

Examinations were evaluated as follows:
Written exam: The examination committee evaluated the papers together. The final mark was an average of the three examiners.
Oral: Mark awarded by the examiner after the exam.
Interview: The examination committee gave an overall mark.

The examination committee will evaluate candidates based on the written examination, the oral and the interview. Final decisions will be published on May 18, 2012.