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Job Opportunities at CESL
Last Modified:  2013-06-04 13:28:53
1. CESL Research Director

The China EU School of Law seeks to hire a research director for its expanding research activities, which it will bring together within the CESL coordinated China EU Law Research Institute. In this Institute CESL will host its research projects, China EU Law Journal, China EU Law Series, PhD activities and research seminars and conferences. The Institute will also have to broaden the research related CESL research activities by establishing and promoting policy papers, working papers and soliciting and conducting contract research. It will be in short the mission of the China EU Law Research Institute to become a prominent centre for the study of European law, comparative law and Chinese law, specifically where these legal systems meet. The institute will be a place for researchers but will also be a network organisation.

The overall responsibility for all operations of CESL is in the hand of two co-deans, to whom the Director will be responsible and under whose guidance the Director will perform her/his work.

The new to be hired Research Director will head the Institute and will manage and expand its activities. We seek therefore an academic with research, management and entrepreneurial skills, who can build the Institute and make it into a sustainable and valued centre of expertise and research. The Director must be fluent in Chinese and in English and know the Chinese and European research networks, and funding possibilities. The Director must therefore have an academic and /or professional background in China and in Europe. A PhD and a track record in research or contract research and research funding is also relevant. And finally we seek a Director with skills to build a new Institute, attract research, has innovative research ideas, can bring researchers together and have projects funded and can convince funding agencies and governments to fund research projects.

2. Marketing Manager

The China EU School of Law seeks to hire a member of staff in charge of marketing. The marketer will have as its responsibility to design and execute marketing plans and activities, aimed at promoting the master programmes, the programmes of professional training and research. The marketer will undertake these activities under the guidance of the two co-deans. Her/his activities will support the aims of CESL to be better known among students and professors, to promote its research, to attract contract research, to publicize conferences and seminars, and to establish deeper contacts with the labor markets. The marketer will produce publicity materials and promotes CESL's media attention in relevant press, newsletters and social media. These activities will primarily take place in China. However, the marketer will have to collaborate with the marketing manager who works in the European Hamburg based CESL office.

We seek an entrepreneurial person with knowledge of marketing and communication, with a pro-active spirit and creativity, with knowledge of the legal labor and student markets and relevant stakeholders.

We expect the marketer to be fluent in Chinese and good in English, and to have knowledge of modern marketing techniques and instruments.

3. Career Officer

The China EU School of Law seeks to hire a member of staff, shorthand career officer, who will be charged with all activities related to student placement, career counselling, internships, contacts with law firms, corporations and others for labor market aspects, the organisation of CV drafting training and job interview training, career events and guest speaker from labor market stakeholders. Finally the career officer will also have in his/her package to establishment of an alumni organization and its activities. This career officer will be the contact person for students relating to careers and internship.

We seek for this important position a motivated person with good knowledge of labor markets for (international) lawyers; with excellent contractual abilities and a service oriented attitude. We expect the career officer to be fluent in Chinese and good in English and to be aware of legal labor markets Chinese as well as international. The career officer will undertake these activities under the guidance of the two co-deans of CESL.

4. Assistant of / secretary to the co-deans

The assistant/ secretary will be the support for the co-deans. He/she will work in a dynamic environment assisting the two deans in all relevant work and activities: agenda, execution and supervision of the implementation of decisions, drafting of letters, keeping an archive, maintaining contact with the Hamburg office, setting the text of newsletters and supervising external contacts, translation of documents from Chinese to English and vice versa. We ask for a pro-active, dynamic person, with fluency in English and Chinese, with a good knowledge of the law and experience in China and in Europe, who is service oriented and a good organizer.

5. Member(s) of staff for Teaching in the Master of European and International Law

CESL offers an English taught program in European and International law, taught by flying faculty (professors from the European partners). For stability reasons and in order to have a Europe trained academic available for the students, to assist in teaching, to teach our legal writing course and to assist in supervising master thesis, we seek a young academic. European legal training and fluency in English is necessary, and so are teaching experience and legal writing skills.

For all vacancies: the future members of staff will sign a working contract directly with CESL and need to work in CESL office. The working place is in Changping. We will deal with applications on a rolling basis. We expect the application letters to be accompanied of a CV, copies of relevant degrees, and lists of grades. And we expect availability at short notice.

Applications must be directed to the two co-deans and sent to the following e-mail address: