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Prof. Eger on the Role of Open Access in the Future of Academic Publishing
Last Modified:  2014-11-25 11:20:49
On the afternoon of November 5th, the CESL students enjoyed the opportunity of attending the lecture, held at Changping campus, on the role of open access in the future of academic publishing.

The speaker, Prof. Dr. Thomas Eger, gave a fascinating account of possible future developments in academic publishing. He started with an overview of some problems encountered with the traditional business model of academic publishing, which relate to inter alia vastly increasing subscription prices and the concentration of market power in the hands of a small number of worldwide publishers. Next, Professor Eger outlined the enormous possibilities offered by open access models, but equally the important challenges and problems faced by such models. In this connection, two models of open access were discussed and assessed: the “gold” and the “green” road of open access. Finally, the professor gave a first-hand insight of the first results of an international online survey that he is conducting on active researchers’ experience with and attitudes towards open access. The conclusion of the presentation was that reforms are needed to make open access models successful and sustainable.
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The presentation was followed by a Q&A-session. The students took the opportunity to learn more about open access publishing and shared their views on possible future developments in academic publishing in China and other countries

Written by Nathan Cambien (CESL Assistant Professor in MEIL programme)