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Prof. Federico Casolari on the External Dimension of EU Disaster Response Law
Last Modified:  2015-01-09 11:27:21
In the afternoon of Nov. 14, 2014, Prof. Federico Casolari from Italy gave guest lecture on “The External Dimension of EU Disaster Response Law”. The lecture focused on developing an international perspective and enhancing the knowledge of “EU Disaster Response Law” for the students. This lecture, attracted lots of students in the school, had achieved good results.

Prof. Casolari obtained his PhD degree from the University of Bologna where he has worked as Assistant Professor teaching EU law. Professor Casolari was a visiting professor at the Institute for European Studies of the University of Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels). He has also been a member of the faculty of the “EU Disaster Response Law in an International Context” Summer School as well as a member of the European Society of International Law).

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The students attending were introduced in detail to the aid measures, from three different aspects, offered by EU when the third countries are faced with disaster, and what problems would be in these mechanisms and how to overcome them as effective as possible.

The first part of the lecture was about the multifaceted nature of EU DRL. The response to disaster should be divided into different aids to internal and external EU, Prof. Casolari explained. Under EU law, Prof. Casolari explained again, the word of “disaster” was defined differently in different laws.

The second part of the lecture was focused on the content of Civil Protection Cooperation in terms of disaster relief that EU implemented. Introducing the origin and historical development of civil protection co-operation firstly, Prof. Casolari thought, the Community Civil Protection Mechanism, being made resolutions and finished establishment by European Council in 2001, was a model of success. Secondly, he directed the students to the relevant provisions of civil protection co-operation under the new legal framework of EU Basic Law, and he also gave an analysis of Article 196 content policy in "EU Treaty Run". Finally, Prof. Casolari emphasized the explanation on the No. 1313 Decision of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in terms of newly established Collaborating Center for Emergency Response, purpose, participants, procedures, etc.

For the third part, about the humanitarian aid, Prof. Casolari introduced humanitarian principles, the distinction from Civil Protection Cooperation Mechanism, the law, and implementation in humanitarian aid, etc.

The lecture was followed by a vivid Q&A where students were able to ask questions and voice their opinions on the lecture topics, for which Prof. Casolari gave kindly explanation and further extension, which was a wonderful interaction.

"In this lecture, we could benefit a lot”, students said, and with what they have gained from the lecture, they would explore a further thinking and research.

Chinese Article by ZHANG Xuxu (CESL Master Student from 2014 Intake)
English Translation by LIU Zheng