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Mr. XU Shuyun on My Thirty Years in the United Nations and the UN Multilateral Aid
Last Modified:  2015-01-09 14:20:05
The 8th Session of the Lecture Series of "International Legal Professions " of China-EU School of Law was held in Room 305, Mingfa Building, Changping Campus, on the morning of 17 December 2014. The guest speaker was Mr. XU Shuyun, Executive Director of the China Association of the United Nations, Senior economist. As one of the first Chinese to participate in the UN affairs, Mr. XU Shuyun is the best witness of China to carry out the whole course of multilateral economic and technical cooperation through the United Nations. The lecture was hosted by CESL Prof. ZHENG Yongliu who is the Director of Institute for Legal Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research of Law. More than one hundred students of CESL participated in this event.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. XU gave a vivid and impressive introduction to his working experience in the United Nations.

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Recommended by the Chinese government in 1982, Mr. XU Shuyun was employed by the United Nations Population Fund where he started his permanent career with the United Nations headquarters in New York. During that time, he had served as Delegate of United Nations Population Fund to Iran, to Bangladesh and to Russia respectively. In total, he worked for the United Nations for 34 years.

When it came to the problem of international aid, Mr. XU regrettably recalled that during the early days when UN began to set up offices in China, the Chinese government was not familiar with the UN's work, neither were the Chinese people who were still struggled with ideology issues. Therefore China only made one-way donation to the UN and declined any UN aid until the deepening reform and opening up of China, the country’s attitude towards UN aid has been changed and gradually taken a responsible gesture as a large country to aid other countries.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. XU introduced the employment of Chinese in the United Nations office. He said the UN's agency was a very humane institution with very good salary and welfare system. He encouraged younger generation taking part in the work of the United Nations.

In addition, Mr. XU told students that the UN now began to employ staff by means of the public recruitment to the whole society. People who are interested in the UN's positions can also learn about recruitment information directly from the United Nations webpages where one can immediately apply for a job vacancy in the United Nations headquarters. He said: "Now many young people have received higher education and hold degrees, quite a lot of whom also had abroad experience. Therefore, it is easier for them to qualify for the work of the United Nations now. In return, working in the United Nations will help young people learn and understand the world better, and equip them with advanced international concepts and ideas which is helpful to promote the modernization of China" .

During Questions & Answers, Mr. XU shared his ideas and opinions in response to students’ questions and gave his E-mail address and Wechat ID to everybody for further contact. Students were deeply inspired and enlightened by the lecture, from which they benefited a lot.

Article by Wang Yuntao (CESL Master Student from 2014 intake)