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Successful Start of CESL’s Lecture Series Entitled “Contemporary Chinese Law”
Last Modified:  2015-05-13 10:03:03
On May 6th, 2015, a lecture series organized by CESL on “Contemporary Chinese Law” made its debut in Room 305, Mingfa Building, Changping Campus. Several renowned scholars and professors will be invited to deliver lectures in this series, including Professor Ma Huaide, vice president at China University of Political Science and Law, who was invited for the kickoff hosted by Professor Liu Fei, Chinese Co-Dean of China-EU School of Law. Prof. Ma provided students with a profound insight into China’s basic national policy – “Rule of Law” from four aspects.

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Background and value: From initiative proposal of it at 15th Party Congress to continuous emphasis on it at 18th Party Congress, “Rule of Law” has been put in the limelight, inspiring a lot of people in jurisprudential circle. It does bear large quantities of value: it is symbolic of a country’s political civilization; it promotes and safeguards China’s deepening of economic reform; it strengthens restraint on public power and protection of private rights.

Difficulties: Yet nowadays China confronts various obstacles in the process of pushing forward “rule of law”, such as an unsound legal system, undesirable outcome of enforcement of law and the whole society’s weak concept of “rule of law”.

Unprecedented Challenges: In addition to these difficulties, citizens’ ever growing awareness of safeguarding their rights, the increasingly important role of new media and social contractions’ inclination toward extremism and violence also present unprecedented challenges to the implementation of “rule of law”.

Urgent tasks: Consequently, Prof. Ma summarized several tasks in the face of these difficulties and challenges: scientific legislation which leads to a sound legal system; establishment of the authority of law and enhancement of the whole nation’s belief in law.

By the end of the lecture, Prof. Ma patiently clarified questions raised by some students in details. Eventually, the first lecture of CESL’s “Contemporary Chinese Law” series of lectures was concluded in warm applause.

Written and Translated by Wang Feisi, master student from 2014 instake