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Dean of Law School of Leiden University Paid a visit to CESL
Last Modified:  2014-12-10 09:35:37
Prof. Rick Lawson, the Dean of Leiden University Law School, Netherlands, visited CESL at CUPL on December 3rd, 2014. He was welcomed by the Chinese Co-dean and the European Executive Co-dean of CESL.

The Co-Deans gave a brief introduction to CESL, its history and its academic structure. Prof. Rick Lawson expressed great interests in the prominent position of CESL as a platform for China and EU legal exchange. He discussed with CESL staff the academic work carried out under the three pillars of CESL and both sides investigated the possibilities of future cooperation. After the meeting the dean visited the CUPL campus, including the library and CESL teaching rooms.

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Leiden University is one of the great traditional universities of the Netherlands. The law school has more than 700 working staff, including over 100 full-time professors and it is famous for its close relationship to The Hague and its international institutions. Moreover, the Law School of Leiden University launched programmes in European and International Law taught in English far ahead of other law schools among non-English spoken countries in Europe. Recently, Leiden University has set up a number of advanced master level courses and has increased international cooperation.

The tradition of the law school goes back to the 16th century, Hugo Grotius who later became the father of International Law and Marine Law being one of its early and still famous graduates.

Article and Photo by LIU Zheng