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Lawyer XING Yusheng: Fields of Legal Occupation & Lawyer Careers
Last Modified:  2015-01-20 13:15:45
In the face of the fierce competition of job market, students from law schools have to think about the ways of how to make themselves stand out and how to make a selection from being a judge, a prosecutor, a lawyer, or a corporate counsel?

The 10th Session of the Lecture Series of “Great Sailing for Wonderful Careers" of China-EU School of Law was held in Room 305, Mingfa Building, Changping Campus, on January 10th, 2015. Mr. XING Yusheng, the Partner of Beijing JUNZEJUN Law Office and the Founder of Mocking Bird Lawyer College, was invited as the guest speaker, who delivered a lecture on “Fields of Legal Occupation & Lawyer Careers”.

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Comparing the audience to boats ready for a long sail, Mr. XING introduced the current situations, trend and dis/advantages of legal professionals by sharing his own work experience. Then, Mr. XING illustrated the 4 key factors during occupation selection, the status of Chinese solicitors, the basic works and requirements of a paralegal, and how students cultivated their own capability with law schools in order to go to the top law firms.

During Questions & Answers session, Mr. XING exchanged his ideas and opinions with students, who raised concerns such as career selection, cultivation of lawyers’ abilities, requirements of top law firms, work and life of solicitors, oversea studies etc. Mr. Xing encouraged students to do some research and to have better understandings of various fields of legal professionals, based on which, students could set up their own career plans and strive for them.

Students were deeply inspired and enlightened by Mr. Xing’s lecture.

Article by XUE Shengnan (CESL Master Student from 2014 intake)
English translation edited by LIU Zheng