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CESL's First Student Body Established
Last Modified:  2009-12-16 09:08:40
The election for the presidium of the first student body of CESL has been held at Room 306, Mingfa Building at 9:00 am on Nov. 26th. The event was hosted by Mr. Fang Yuanqun, the Programme Administrator of CESL. Thirty two students from the 2008 and 2009 intakes took part in the election.

The presidium of the first student body of CESL included one president and two vice presidents. There were altogether five CESL students registered to run for the positions of the presidium. After public speech and secret ballot, Zhao Zhan from the 2009 intake won the most votes (29 votes) among the five candidates and was elected as the president of the first student body of CESL. Dai Wenjue (25 votes) and Jin Xing (20 votes), who were also from the 2009 intake, were elected as the vice presidents.