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Institutional Obstacles to Expanding the Market for New Law Graduates
Last Modified:  2011-09-03 11:30:16
"Why not allow new law graduates to open law firms immediately after graduation?" Professor Fang Liufang argued in his class on legal ethics in the second semester of 2010-11 academic year.

"If instead of requiring that law graduates work for five years as an apprentice at a law firm before being eligible to become a partner, we allow new graduates to open their own law firms immediately, they could create thousands of positions," Professor Fang said.

"Deregulating requirements on seniority means that new graduates will not only establish careers in poor or remote areas, where legal service are rarely available, but will also facilitate competition in metropolitan areas. This would also lead to a standardisation in the market price for legal services and mean that prices are more affordable for ordinary people."

Based on this, Li Yongjun, a CESL PhD student, wrote an article analyzing the institutional barriers that might frustrate Professor Fang's proposal.

The full text of Li Yongjun's article is available in Chinese here.