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Selected Essays on Criminal Procedure Law
Last Modified:  2012-09-17 09:18:39
Students were asked to choose a topic related to Criminal Procedure law and write an essay, a book review, or explain an aspect of regulations on Criminal Procedure Law for the final exam in the 2011-2012 Criminal Procedure Law class. Students chose their own title and could write in either Chinese or English. The class was taught by CUPL Professor Wu Hongyao. Below is a selection of the best essays.

Gu Chaoqun: Looking at the Status of Victims in Criminal Courts from the Practice of Seating the Victim Facing the Defendant (in Chinese)

Li Pei: On the Traditional Model of Criminal Litigation in China (in Chinese)

Liu Bingyu: On Torture

Sheng Yuanyuan: Ticking Time Bomb and Torture

Wang Qi: The System of Guiding Cases in Chinese Criminal Procedure – Analysing “Judging Criminal Cases”, "Guiding Supervision on Sentencing” and “Notice of the Supreme People’s Court” (in Chinese)

Wu Shanshan: The Search for Truth in the Criminal Process

Xia Yan: Debating the Legitimacy of Using Torture to Save Lives (in Chinese)