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CESL 2011 Graduate Employment Statistics
Last Modified:  2011-06-28 09:27:01
In summer 2011, seventeen Double Master's students graduated with either a JD or LLM in Chinese Law from CUPL and a Master of European and International Law from the University of Hamburg. Sixteen of the seventeen students have all signed employment contracts, equating to a 94% employment rate for Chinese graduates (as of June 23, 2011).

Double Master's students from the class of 2011 all found employment as either lawyers or as in house legal counsel, 75% of students found employment in Beijing and 94% of students in large cities.

Graduate employment by city

In 2011, one student found employment in Zhuozhou, a county-level city in Hebei Province, whereas in 2010, all 27 graduates found employment in large cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hangzhou.

Graduate employment by industry

In comparison with 2010, CESL's 2011 graduates all chose to work as either lawyers or in house legal counsel and no students went to work for government agencies. One reason suggested for this change is that positions for graduate students published on Tencent fell by 44% at Beijing people's courts and by 62% at Beijing people's procuratorates.

Factors affecting student decisions included salaries, position, professional knowledge and the household registration system. It must also be pointed out that it is difficult to draw conclusions on changes in student career choices and employment trends from the above statistics due to the small number of CESL graduates in 2010 and 2011.

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