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Employment Statistics on CESL Chinese Graduate in 2013
Last Modified:  2013-09-26 16:09:27
80 double master students (42 LLM, 38 JM) and 5 PhD students from 2010 intakes had graduated in July 2013. 8 out of them did not go about looking for a job after their graduation, including three masters who will further their study as PhD candidates at Universiteit Leiden, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Chinese Academy of Social Science, another two masters are planning to delay their employment for delivering babies, one doctor will pursue postdoctoral degree at Peking University and another two doctors were originally subsidized by their employers and are willing to return to the same employers.

77 students decided to test the water of job market in 2013, composing 47 female and 30 male, in which only 3 have Beijing Hukou. The average age of master graduates and doctoral students are 26 and 31 respectively.

By the end of August 2013, 74 students had been employed. The employment rate for CESL students in 2013 is 96.1%.[74/(85-3-2-1-2)=96.1%] However, according to the rules of China University of Political Science and Law, those who sign trilateral agreements, study abroad, further study at home, sign employment contracts or official letters of job offer and start a business by him/herself are all considered as being employed, the employment rate thereby is 94.1%. [80/85=94.1%]

Among the 74 employed students, 28.2% take office at domestic law firms, 26.8% work at financial or insurance institutions, 21.1% serve in enterprises, 23.9% act as public servants. This year 49(66.2%)graduates will stay in Beijing, 12 (16.2%) go for autonomous cities or special economic zones and 9 (12.2%) are based in provincial capital cities.

All employments are from mainland China in 2013. Two graduates will work at international law firms.