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CESL Vis Team's Preparation Before the Vis East Competion
Last Modified:  2015-03-07 16:05:27
In the course of preparation to participate in the coming Shanghai pre-moot and Vis East arbitration moot competitions, the CESL Vis Team has been recently exposed to a various kind of practice.

On 26th of January, the Team attended a practice hearing chaired by Mr. Li Haifeng, arbitration practitioner from the Global Law Office. On 28th of February, the Team enjoyed the chance of being confronted with the members of excellent CUPL Vis Team. On 4th of March, the Team visited the WunschARB - a boutique advisory firm specializing in bridging the gap between the Chinese and the international business community by designing solutions to cross-border business disputes and worked under the supervision of Mr. Lear Liu.

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Hearing at the Global Law Office

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CESL Vis Team facing CUPL Vis Team

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Hearing at the WunschARB

CESL Vis Team Thanks for all the support received.

Article by Monika Prusinowska